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Bearings & Tools such as Precision Roller Bearing, Plain Vernier, Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper, Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauge, Roller Bearing In Various Designs & Dimensions Are Available Here!

About Us

Accuracy is must in tools and bearings as it is with accurately made tools and bearings that desired operations can be performed without any hassle. The value of accurately made tools and bearings is known very well by Mohammed Mandsaurwala which is why he, in 1985 opened his Proprietorship company under the name Simplex Bearing & Tools.

His business venture, right from the start has been gaining recognition because of ethical dealing method, fast delivery service and great network of wholesaling. His motto to attain the best for the company and to provide benefit to customers is getting fulfilled with right quality products sourcing and serving.

Roles of a wholesaler, supplier and trader are being well performed by our establishment as we are keen to serve our associates well. Our products like SS Vernier Caliper, HSS Slitting Saw Cutter, Heavy Duty Cylindrical Roller Bearing, SP FL Tap Drill Bit and more are shaped to perfection as our sourcing partners employ experienced staff.

There's perfection in each tool and bearing given in our portfolio because our vendor base puts smart technology and optimum quality metals into use. Since our association with quality tools and bearings makers is strengthening day by day, we are assuring customers timely completion of all orders.

Our Sourcing Network

The task of sourcing requires an establishment to search actively for manufacturers, which along with quality production prioritize keeping low rates of products. Knowing this, we have hired experts in our sourcing department. Having great knowledge of the industry, our sourcing experts indulge in obtaining quality products. From nationally acclaimed large and small scale companies, we source Solid Carbide Router Drill Bit, Metal Pillow Block Bearing and other items.

Why Us?

Simplex Bearing & Tools is active from more than three decades and serves the best tools and bearings for industrial purpose. Our existence is largely benefiting Indian companies engaged in automobile, scientific and other industries. Some major reasons supporting the fact that association with our company is beneficial are given below:
  • We work beyond customers' expectations and render complete satisfaction.
  • We deliver everything in quality and on time.
  • We promote convenience in dealing by accepting payments through online and offline means.

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